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Life has its challenges.
Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You feel a disconnect between your version of success and the narrative of "success" around you.

  • You feel you need to have all of the answers as a leader.

  • You struggle in moving from technical to management roles.

  • You struggle to honor personal needs in the face of the needs of those that you love or serve.

  • You play down your voice when you are the only one of your identities in the room.

  • You struggle with perfectionism.

  • You find it easier to give others grace than to give compassion and support to yourself. 


Meet Diane

Life and Leadership Coach

Public Health Nutritionist

Working to nourish possibility, one conversation at a time.


Grounded in belief that we can lead at every table and love our lives at the same time- the kitchen table, the office meeting table, the table where we reflect, and the tables that we want to build- if we connect our inner values with outward action.


Passionate about equity in humanitarian and development work in order to truly deliver on human rights. 


A committed and respected professional with more than 20 years of experience in international development and humanitarian response. International Coaching Federation Certified Coach. Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. 


An artist who values lovingkindness, healing and peace.


What I Specialize In

Transitions into Leadership:


Connecting to your vision and voice 

Clarity and Purpose:

Defining what success means for YOU

Authenticity in the face of bureaucracy:

Standing strong and communicating effectively

Imposter Syndrome:

Knowing that you are more than enough

Wellbeing and Boundaries: 


Filling the well and

connecting to joy 


"Leadership is how you interact with everyone, including yourself".

Bruce D. Schneider

Moving into management


Diane’s coaching changed my life and changed my career. She first supported me to self-examine and think deeply about why I was insecure or doubtful about certain aspects of my management and leadership styles, or my personality. I knew who I wanted to emulate but I wasn’t sure how to embody this and to ‘show-up’ with honesty.


Diane helped me to embrace my authentic self and leverage my personality traits so that they could empower my management and leadership style. When Diane was coaching me I was in the middle of transitioning from mid to senior management. Diane gave me the tools, techniques and confidence start my new job and career path with a sense of self-assurance and clarity. Diane had an incredible ability not only to listen to me, but to really hear me, and then transform my concerns and requests into tangible ways to find solutions.


I started my new job with a clear leadership vision, direction, and narrative of who I was and how I was going to inspire my team to reach our goal. I still follow her guidance and techniques to this day, with my ‘vision’ statement pinned on my office wall. I also know that my journey is not over, and that I will return to coaching to obtain more guidance from Diane that I so highly value. I now embrace my style of feminine leadership and I am very proud of the qualities I can bring to leading a high performing team.

Christine, Jordan

Reconnecting to joy and possibility

I sought coaching as I had had a recent hard overseas work experience leaving me exhausted, empty and disillusioned and feeling overwhelmed by my work-personal life.  

Coaching helped me understand myself better, including identifying trigger/pressure points for certain reactions or negative beliefs of myself. It helped me realise how intertwined my work and out of work life were and how both needed to be addressed to get more positive results.  I was left with some concrete steps of what to move forward with to help support potential work changes amid a volatile personal situation.

Diane is an incredibly rare combination of an extremely good listener, an excellent synthesiser and a gentle but firm encourager to move forward, all combined with a sense of humour, warmth and a generosity of time and sharing.  I found it particularly helpful to be able to talk freely without being hurried and then at relevant points to have what I had said be distilled into succinct, clear language and reflected back to me. Making a simple action plan after this summary was very productive and Diane often illustrated points with relevant articles or podcasts shared after the call.

Nicky, France

Starting a new chapter and a new business


Diane is a great listener. She asks probing questions that led me to the best ideas or solutions for my business. Her style of coaching is very organic — it can be a phone call or a video call, or in-person. I really appreciated all her follow up. She forwarded follow on information which made me feel that she’s really listening and cares about my concerns and challenges.

Diane introduced me to the array of network of women entrepreneurs. I was able to explore their websites, business philosophies, and marketing techniques which better informed my own business planning. Diane continually shared great resources, whether relevant articles as well as upcoming events and courses, which helped me feel less alone in my new career journey. I now subscribe to many useful initiatives for women entrepreneurs and have flagged future events that Diane recommended.

Starting a new business can feel very lonely, but I also felt that Diane was consistently available to help me through my doubts and highlight all the reasons why I was on the right track. I always feel uplifted and confident after a session with Diane.

Vanessa, USA

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"The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom".

Anais Nin

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